Poker is not a game of luck. Winning a poker game requires proper hand selection, patience, psychology and the ability to read your opponents. Following are some of the best poker strategies to help you win poker online.

  1. Learn How to Play the Game

Start by learning the hand rankings from the poker rules. The best hand is the royal flush of 10, J, Q, K, A. The less meaningful the cards are the better.

  1. Know When to Play

Whether you are playing the real money ring games or the free poker online games, you need to know when to play your hand. Pocket aces are the best starting hand in poker. Raise them? Sure, it would be nice to get a little more of the money in the middle of the table but losing a small portion of your stack doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

  1. Mind Your Money

Like any heartening moment in life, you will want to do anything in order to have happiness again. So, remember to pocket your winnings or send your opponents to the cleaners if they don’t have the right hand.

  1. Towards the Proposition

As the stakes rise, you must be sure you have enough money in your stack to cover yourself for a few rounds of blind and ante.

  1. Perfect Your Play

Steal blinds, antes and blinds from opponents. Don’t call with hands that can possibly lose. As the game progresses, you must perfect your game. Raise pre-flop, bet hard after the flop and be aggressive after the river.

  1. Know Where You Stand

In the early stages of the game, it’s best to stick with the big stacks and avoid confrontations with the short stacks. As the game progresses, you must reach out to the smaller stacks and loosen up their gameplay, making them a less desirable target.

A Short Stack’s Interest

As the game begins, smaller stacks are giving blinds and antes a greater priority. Are they in cash games or tournaments? If you’re a short stack, you don’t want the continuation of a tournament strategy, as you’ll be at the mercy of the poker gods. Stay in the tournament for at least a couple rounds before pushing on the claypoker tables.

A Big Stack’s Interest

As the game begins to gain pace, and the pace of the blinds and antes, you should be looking for a opportunity to take the cake. Once you’ve built a big stack, you can be confident that you can handle the blinds and protect your stack from being boils by short stacks.

The key to this is to remember that a big stack’s interest is pf the tournament itself. It’s all about winning, so you have to play accordingly. Even if you’re a short stack. If the game is getting good and it looks like it’s going to before you, don’t hold out for too much. If it looks like it’s going before you, push all your chips in. Usually, a double up from your big stack is enough to take out a short stack.

So, there you have it. Once you learnt poker, it’s easy to repeat and learn. Find out what mistakes other players are making and then avoid making them yourself.